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Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict the state of the atmosphere for a given location. Human beings have attempted to predict the weather informally for millennia, and formally since the nineteenth century. Weather forecasts are made by collecting quantitative data about the current state of the atmosphere at a given place and using scientific understanding of atmospheric processes to project how the atmosphere will change……

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A radiosonde (Sonde is French and German for probe) is a battery-powered telemetry instrument package carried into the atmosphere usually by a weather balloon that measures various atmospheric parameters and transmits them by radio to a ground receiver. Radiosondes may operate at a radio frequency of 403 MHz or 1680 MHz. A radiosonde whose position is tracked as it ascends to give wind speed and direction information is called a rawinsonde (“radar wind -sonde”).Most radiosondes have radar reflectors and are technically rawinsondes. A radiosonde that is dropped from an airplane and falls, rather than being carried by a balloon is called a dropsonde. Radiosondes are an essential source of meteorological data, and hundreds are launched all over the world daily…

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Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR), CUSAT and has signed an Agreement regarding the Institutional framework and sharing of responsibilities with CSIR-CMMACS and regarding the installation, maintenance and operation of Meteorological tower and sensors in the premise of ACARR at CUSAT Main campus. CSIR C-MMACS under Institutional arrangement has established an instrumented 30 metres meteorological tower at CUSAT as a part of the CSIR Climate Observation and Modelling Network (COMoN). As a part of the CSIR Network project on Integrated Analysis for Impact, Mitigation and Sustainability (IAIMS). The CUSAT location was recommended as one of the sites for augmentation of existing COMoN instrumentation.

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