List of Publications – ACARR

Published Papers

1)        Kottayil, A., K. Mohanakumar, T. Samson, R. Rebello, M. G. Manoj, R. V, K. R. Santhosh, P. Mohanan, and K. Vasudevan (2016), Validation of 205 MHz Wind Profiler Radar Located at Cochin, India Using  Radiosonde Wind Measurements, Radio Science, 51,  doi:10.1002/2015RS005836.

2)        Kottayil, A., and K. Satheesan (2015), Enhancement in the upper tropospheric humidity associated with aerosol loading over tropical pacific, Atmospheric Environment, 122, 148 – 153, doi:

3)        Titu K Samson, Manoj M G, Ajil Kottayil, Rakesh V, Rejoy Rebello, Vasudevan K, Santosh K R Mohanan P and Mohankumar K  , Technical Aspects of 205 MHz Mini Wind Profiler Radar for Tropospheric Probing, IEEE Transactions on Geo-Science and Remote Sensing letters.

4)        Suresh Narayanan, Ajil Kottayil and K Mohanakumar, Monsoon low level jet over the gateway of Indian summer monsoon: A comparative study for two distinct monsoon years, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

5)        Ajil Kottayil, Viju O. John , Stefan A. Buehler  and Kesavapillai Mohanakumar, Evaluating the Diurnal Cycle of Upper Tropospheric Humidity in Two Different Climate Models Using Satellite Observations, Remote Sensing 2016, 8, 325; doi: 10.3390/rs8040325.

Under Review

1)        M.G. Manoj, Titu K. Samson, V. Rakesh, Ajil Kottayil, Rejoy Rebello, K. Mohankumar, K.R. Santosh, P. Mohanan and K. Vasudevan, A Method of Estimating Air Vertical Velocity from Ascending Radiosondes and its Comparison with Radar Measurements, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

2)        M G Manoj, M K Satheeshkumar, K Mohankumar, “On the rare scorching wind (heat burst) Phenomenon and subsequent searing of foliage along the coastal belt of Kerala state, India”, (July 2015)